Product Jobs Are Next
International Legal Technology Association
By Jason Dirkx 


"One of the leading indicators I've experienced that productization among law firms is increasing is that there is mounting evidence of firms actually doing it.  In my direct experience, I recently left a job where I was working for about 7 years helping to productize legal services via ComplianceHR. Additionally, Simmons and Simmons in the UK has been productizing their services for years with a substantial portfolio of products at this point. While these are only two examples, I was pleasantly surprised at Ark group’s KM Legal in October of this year to see how many firms were touting some form of productized legal service; there was even an entire panel on the topic with @Scott Rechtschaffen@Nicole Bradick@Scott Bailey and @Ed Walters all touting productization projects.  Also, recently Nicola Shaver made the observation on Twitter that many of those that created self-intro videos for the Skills Showcase in January were looking forward to client-facing KM projects (which are basically just a form of productization).  To add yet more fuel to this fire, Jasmine Gavigan, creator of vrtu, a platform for productizing services, particularly legal services, recently posted a how-to video on getting started with creating legal service products.  These are just a few of many examples.  As the profile of these projects increase, you will continue to see more and more packaging projects out of law firms.  And it’s not just that this evidence alone points to an acceleration, but also that the evidence itself will generate even more activity.  As many of you know, law firms are generally loathe to risk first movement on novel practice innovations.  However, the mounting evidence means that it will be increasingly “safer” for firms to experiment with these innovations (along with increasing competitive pressure to do so)."


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